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South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg


We are a proudly South African company that aims to constructively help build our country and continent by conducting business in a fully transparent, symbiotic and socially responsible manner. To grow and foster our commitment to maintaining our leading position in the Technology, Logistics, Medical Supply, Security, Construction, Energy and Education industry and dedicating ourselves to the fulfilment of our customers’ needs through excellence of workmanship delivered timeously and cost effectively People are a priority – not only our employees but also the communities that we operate in, our business partners and investing companies. For this reason, we have created platforms and developed practices that are designed to guide and educate our staff and communities in their activities whilst simultaneously nurturing their abilities. By doing so, we are providing sustainable opportunities that have short as well as long-term gains, in turn creating sustainable communities. The Umsindisi team are committed to being responsible, conscientious and contributing corporate citizens. Our Social Responsibility policy reflects senior management’s commitment to the vision of embedding a culture that encourages all employees to get involved in our on-going mission to ‘Drive Change’ Our core value system is built on the following principals Innovation – Transparency – Excellence – Integrity – Sustainability – Stability – Social Responsibility

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Business Consulting and Services
Company size
501-1,000 employees
Technology Services, Logistics, Mining Services, Construction, Training, Medical Supplies, Security, Oil and Gas Import, Energy Solutions, People Solutions, Bulk Fuel Procurement CIF & FOB, EX-Tank Fuel - Beira, and National Grid Fuel RSA - COC