Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 3:34:41 AM Coordinated Universal Time
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, Bulawayo


TO SERVE BY DEVELOPING THE STATE-OF-THE-ART, EFFECTIVE AND HIGH QUALITY SMART TECHNOLOGY OF UNCOMPROMISING WORLD CLASS VALUES AND PRINCIPLES. Tramstech is the number 1 tech company with its Headquarters located in Bulawayo Zimbabwe, that focuses on web development, web hosting solutions, E-commerce, home automation, I.O.T and we also blog so as to share the knowledge on Technopreneurship. We started the business so as to accomplish the need for high quality, and value for our clients'​ money. Our clients include corporate companies, small business enterprises, webmasters and individuals. The internet of things (I.O.T) is one of our strongholds, where we provide solutions in the form of (smart homes, smart cars, smart farms & so on). Our Research & Development (R&D) department is responsible for innovation, In the event that there is an interesting discovery we then find ways to commercialize it. Fields we are likely to enter in near future involve; Clean energy, Water, Biotechnology, Construction just to name a few.

Information Technology & Services
Company size
11-50 employees