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Acquiring and retaining your IT talent and related skills is fundamental to your organisation's ability to deliver successful results. Do you have the right IT talent working to your strategic advantage? Is your IT team’s strategic plan aligned to your organisational strategy? Are you building IT talent density to support your future goals? Are you leveraging the knowledge potential of your IT teams to set you apart from your competitors? Our Digital IT Talent Management will help you attract, develop, maintain, retain and reward the right IT talent to ensure that your IT team remains inspired, committed and high performing. Access smart tools and benchmarking processes to identify your IT talent capability requirements, develop plans to close critical skill gaps and deploy certified IT skills across the business. Keep your IT talent closely coupled to your organisational strategy with our benchmarking and IT skills assessments. We partner with HR and IT executives to design, develop and implement a sustainable system for building IT talent density to ensure that IT teams contribute to your unique competitive advantage and produce results that place your organisation at the leading edge. The Digital IT Talent Management service forms part of LRMG, a proud contributor to Level 1 B-BBEE in South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Kenya and Mauritius, and representation in 18 other African regions. Do you want to know more? Contact John Karageorgiou +27-83-382-9900

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