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Afrocentric IP stands for Afrocentric Intellectual Property. The name itself suggest that we are about the creation and development of Intellectual Property. In order to create and generate intellectual property, INNOVATION must be at the core. Afrocentric IP has adopted an Open Innovation Model. This model encourages collaboration between technology communities, academic institutions and civil society. This model is also a primary stimulant for innovation, which is the cornerstone of developing economies. In a nut shell we offer solutions that conform to open standards, promote innovation and avoid Single Vendor Lock-in. Disaster Recovery is Afrocentric IP's area of expertise in its 11 years of existence with over 50 reference sites across South Africa, including building a shared services DR solution (the only one of it's kind in SA) for the entire Limpopo provincial government. We are a Governance, Risk and Compliance specialist with a strong technology underpin, meaning we can do anything from your Business Continuity Plan, to implementing and maintaining a disaster recovery tool. Our mission is to provide both private and public sectors with customized technology and consulting services that mitigate organisational risk(s) resulting in IT compliance and governance. And our vision is to develop uniquely African innovative intellectual property that seeks to resolve the world's core challenges.

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