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Who We Are AC Solutions Consultants is a data science consultant company formed in 2021 to provide consultancy services in operations research & Statistics, data mining and analytics to researchers, companies, charities and the public sector. Academic Support We offer statistical data analysis to support and progress your research. We have highly talented statisticians to help you with statistical data analysis that guarantees the credibility of your research study. Business Analytics We offer data warehouse and business intelligence solutions that can be applied to drive decision-making. Healthcare Analytics We use business intelligent tools to collect, analyze current and historical data to determine trends, patterns, improve outreach, and better manage diseases. Public sector We employ data analytics to help public sectors to identify specific cases in a wider group, prioritize cases based on risk or need, create early warning tools, make better and quicker decisions and optimize resource allocation. Our Data science team use algorithms, methods and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data through the application of advanced analytics. Charities We help charity organizations to develop more detailed intelligence about the needs of their beneficiaries, we also do surveys to help organizations understand public opinion and identify perceptions that need to be changed. Data analytics help in making the best use of funds, facilities and volunteers. Analytics can be used to attract more funding. Agriculture & Environment We employ analytics to understand the environment and our impact on it. Website
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